Non Surgical Butt Augmentation / Cellulite Treatment 

Non Surgical Butt Augmentation / Cellulite Treatment 

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While traditionally, buttock augmentation could only be achieved through surgery — via a procedure known as a Brazilian Butt Lift® (or BBL for short) — there are now non-surgical buttock augmentation options available. Commonly known as a non-surgical butt lift, Mint & Needle's treatment option offers an alternative to more-invasive surgical approaches, to address the following:

  • Treating Cellulite — Mint & Needle uses medical-grade biostimulator injections  — to reduce the appearance of cellulite dimpling on the posterior area. 

  • Correcting Hip Dip — Hip dips are naturally occurring inward curves of the hip area that are caused by the shape of the pelvis. The Mint & Needle team uses medical-grade biostimulator injections to fill in the area of the dip caused by the bone structure. 

  • Increasing Volume — Similarly, Mint & Needle can even leverage medical-grade biostimulator injections to increase the volume of the buttock area.

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