Each patient's experience with Mint & Needle's Middletown, DE office is customized to meet their unique medical and aesthetic needs. We've posted a few FAQs so you can feel informed and comfortable on your wellness journey.


Common questions about clinical treatments and appointments at Mint & Needle Medical Aesthetics.

If you're having issues with the online portal, you can either call the office during normal business hours to book an appointment ( 302-696 2484 ). A guide to walk you through the registration process is here.

Any appointment canceled 48 hours or more in advance through your customer portal or by a phone call to 302-696-2484 during normal business hours can be done so free of charge.

If you cancel your appointment less than 48 hours before start time, or do not show up, you will be charged a $100 cancellation fee.

For Ultherapy, 72-hour notice is required. Any cancellation for an Ultherapy appointment made less than 72 hours in advance via phone or patient portal will be charged a 50% service fee.

Only cancelations through our patient portal or a phone call to 302-696-2484 during normal business hours will be honored. Click here for more information on rescheduling or canceling your appointment.


Several of Mint & Needle's EnhanceMint services require preparation before visiting the clinic. Please see below:

Please arrive 30 minutes early for any treatment requiring numbing and 10 minutes early for any other treatment.

We schedule based on starting time and to ensure you get your full treatment time please arrive early. 

Be sure to complete ALL paperwork through your patient portal before arriving.

Blood Thinners: Avoid blood thinners 1-2 weeks prior to any injectable procedure which includes aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, or Vitamin E. Do not stop blood thinners which you are prescribed or recommended from your health care provider.

Alcohol: Avoid alcohol for 48 hours prior to the procedure to help reduce the risk of bruising.

Arnica Tablets: Start taking Arnica tablets day of your procedure and continue for 5 days to reduce the bruising risk. We do sell arnica at the office if needed.

Health Care Questionnaire: Please complete the health care questionnaires prior to your appointment.

Tanning/Sun Exposure: Avoid sun exposure, tanning beds or any type of spray tan / self tanners to treatment area.

Additional Reqs: Avoid any retinol, glycolic or waxing/depilatories to treatment area prior to service. 

For treatments requiring numbing, arrive 30 minutes early. For any other treatments, arrive 10 minutes early. We schedule based on starting time, so to ensure you get your full treatment time, please arrive early. 

To ensure the best results, we strongly advise you to follow the advice below before your treatment:

— Avoid sun exposure at least two weeks before Virtue RF Microneedling treatments.

— The Exact RF & Deep RF treatments require a consultation before treatment to ensure your skin type does not require a pre-treatment session.

— Avoid blood thinners such as aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, or Vitamin E, one to two weeks before any injectable procedure. Do NOT suspend any blood thinners that you are prescribed or recommended by your healthcare provider.

— Minted Beauties who have been on Accutane for six months before treatment do not qualify for any microneedling/Virtue RF treatment.

Avoid two weeks of any retinol, glycolic, or waxing/depilatories to the treatment area before any of the following treatments: Aquagold, Chemical Peel, Clearly Minted, Cool Peel Laser, and The Salt Facial.

— If you are receiving an injectable, refrain from drinking alcohol for 48 hours before the procedure.

— Please arrive 15 minutes before your procedure; this will give us enough time to ensure you have a wonderful M&N experience. 

— You may be requested to sign some consent forms, as well as some paperwork to complete before the appointment.

— Please complete the health care questionnaires via your patient portal before your appointment.

— Avoid sun exposure, tanning beds, or any type of spray tan/self-tanners to the treatment area for our laser services.

We strongly advise you to discuss the following with your provider at your appointment:

— Discuss and disclose any healing disorders such as those caused by diabetes mellitus, connective tissue disease, skin cancer, undiagnosed lesion, or radiation/chemotherapy.

— Discuss and disclose if there is an active infection or history of herpes simplex of the lips, mouth, or face. If you have a history of herpes simplex, please notify us prior, so we can call in medication to prevent an outbreak. 

— Make sure to inform us if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

— Discuss and disclose allergies to topical anesthetics, antibiotics, or other medications.

— Discuss the history of any hypertrophic scarring, keloid formations, or other skin diseases.

Zenoti is our trusted Eletronic Medical Records provider. Appointments and patient information is securely stored and managed by Zenoti.


The safety and satisfaction of our patients is important to Mint & Needle. Please follow the post-care instructions for your treatment.

Virtue Deep RF Treatment:

— Avoid tight-fitting clothing to the treated area. 

— Make sure to apply your aftercare (sold by Mint & Needle) or petroleum-based product for the following 48 hours. Then switch to your provided lotion for the next two weeks with a non-chemical SPF like our hydrating UV defense. 

Virtue Exact RF Treatment: 

— Make sure to apply your aftercare (sold by Mint & Needle) or petroleum-based product for the following 48 hours. Then switch to your provided hydrating gel for the next two weeks with a non-chemical SPF like our hydrating UV defense. 

Virtue Smart RF Treatment:

— Apply a Microcurrent mask within four hours post-treatment (or petroleum-based product, such as our aftercare), and DO NOT reapply anything until the next morning. Following, apply your aftercare (sold by Mint & Needle) or your hydrating products such as hyaluronic acid serum. 

— Cold water may be used on the first day post-treatment.

— After day one, it is crucial to maintain clean skin with a simple and gentle cleanser. Make sure your hands are clean when touching the treated area.

— Do not use excessive pressure post-treatment. 

— We recommend serum antioxidants post-treatment, as their properties are ideal to help heal the skin by soothing and lessening irritation.

— Do not rub the area while bathing, and avoid hot water for the following 24 hours.

— Do NOT apply any makeup with a makeup brush (especially if the brush is not clean) at least 48 hours after the procedure.

— Immediately after the procedure, your skin professional will apply a broad spectrum UVA/UVB, SPF 25 or greater sunscreen to your skin if appropriate (We recommend chemical-free sunscreen). Keep in mind that you should continue to use sunscreen every day—not only on the days following your procedure—as part of your skincare routine to protect your skin from sun damage and premature aging. Avoid direct sun exposure for at least 14 days.

— Immediately following treatment, and as the skin begins to regenerate, collagen-stimulating peptides can help to maximize the effect of the stimulation started by microneedling.

— Following your treatment, your skin may feel drier than usual. We suggest using Hyaluronic Acid, an ideal ingredient to hydrate and restore the skin to perfect balance.

— To ensure the proper healing environment, do NOT use any Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acid, Retinol (Vitamin A), Vitamin C (in a low pH formula) scrubs, or anything perceived as active skincare for one week post-treatment.

DO NOT use any powered cleansing brushes like Clarisonic for one week post-treatment.

— Avoid intentional and direct sunlight or tanning beds for a minimum of two weeks. 

— Do not go swimming for at least 72 hours post-treatment.

— Do not exercise or participate in strenuous activity for the first 48 hours post-treatment. This includes: no Sauna, hot yoga, or extreme workout (for the next 48 hours). Sweating and gym environments, in general, are harmful and filled with bacteria, which may cause adverse reactions in your skin.

— The majority of reactions to dermal fillers are redness, swelling, bruising, and tenderness after the injections. These usually subside within a few days after the treatment, but can last up to a week. If any of these symptoms persist longer than a week, or if you develop other symptoms, contact our office.

— Take Zyrtec and Pepcid for a few days following treatment to reduce swelling.

— Cold compresses may be used after the treatment to reduce swelling and decrease soreness. You may take Tylenol (if not contraindicated) every four to six hours after treatment to help with any discomfort you may have.

— Makeup may be applied a few hours after the treatment, if no complications are present, such as open wounds, bleeding, or infections.

— During the first 24 hours following treatment, we recommend limiting your exposure to sunlight or UV lamps. Extensive sun or heat exposure and alcoholic beverages may cause a temporary increase in redness, bruising, or swelling at the injection sites. If there is persistent swelling or redness after the injections, you should limit exposure to sunlight or UV lamps for at least five to seven days, until these symptoms subside.

— If sun exposure is unavoidable, use a sunblock with an SPF of 30 or greater, combined with zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide.

— Minted Beauties should avoid strenuous exercise for 48 hours post-treatment to prevent moving the filler or increasing blood flow to the face.

— Avoid taking aspirins (unless medically necessary) or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, Nuprin, Aleve, Celebrex, Fish oil, Gingko Biloba, St. John’s Wort, and high doses of Vitamin E for five days after the treatment, as these may cause an increased risk of bleeding or bruising at the injection sites.

— Avoid excessive touching or massaging the treated areas for about six hours after the injections. 

— Treated areas can be washed with a gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil, Cerave, or Dove unscented.

— Evade dental procedures (including cleaning) two weeks post-filler.

Your satisfaction is important to us! We would like you to come into the office in two weeks to see if a touch-up is necessary. In the event that follow-up treatments are necessary, they will be charged at the regular rate. Additional costs of medical treatment would be the patients’ responsibility would complications develop after the dermal filler procedure.

It is also worth noting that:

— Studies have shown that having a follow-up treatment before the product has fully dissipated will enhance the lasting effect. 

— You should avoid flying two days post-treatment.

— You may add more filler four weeks post-initial treatment.

Post Care for CO2 and CoolPeel:

— Keep the treated area clean and rid of any debris.

— Cleanse your skin with cool water (avoid hot water), and dab or pat very lightly with a soft towel.

— Use a gentle cleanser twice daily.

— Apply post-care skin care as discussed by the provider.

— Avoid exercise for one week and return as tolerated after treatment. 

— Bruising is a common side effect post-treatment and should be treated with Tylenol.

— Aspirin should be avoided for seven days post-treatment.

— Notify us immediately if you notice any signs or symptoms of infection.

Post Care for Medium to Deep CO2 Treatments:

— Make a vinegar and water mixture (1 cup water, 2 tsp vinegar) and apply every three to four  hours with a clean cloth as needed to soothe the skin for two to three days post-treatment.

— Apply your aftercare soothing product every two to four hours while the skin feels tight and irritated; Once the skin feels hydrated apply twice daily.

Rest. Avoid strenuous exercise, bending, straining, stooping, or lifting heavy objects for at least one week after the procedure. These activities may cause more swelling and pain on your face and slow down your recovery.

Sleep at a slightly elevated position. Use two to three pillows under your head and neck, or sleep a few nights in a reclining chair.

Avoid direct sun exposure for at least six months. A sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher should be applied every day. Use a hat and sunglasses. Your skin is extremely vulnerable to the sun after having a laser treatment. Protecting your skin and limiting sun exposure ensures the best cosmetic results. 

— Following the treatment, normal activities may resume per level of comfort. However, we strongly recommend avoiding swimming or using hot tubs/whirlpools while redness is present, usually for at least 24 to 48 hours.

— Once you feel comfortable and healed, your normal skin care regime, including makeup or shaving, can be resumed. Make sure the water is not too hot when shaving.

Returns and exchanges

Mint & Needle stands firmly behind our skincare products.

In the event you are not satisfied or experience adverse effects, all EmpowerMINT Skincare products are eligible for an exchange or store credit of the full purchase price, if returned within 30 days of purchase date. Mint & Needle is not responsible for return postage, the cost of insurance, or lost or undelivered items. 

Gift cards are not refundable. 


Each patient at Mint & Needle has unique needs and medical concerns.

Our medical aesthetics practice is designed to help all patients - each with their own individual needs. Book a consult to learn more about our service prices based on your specific requests.

Please note, consultations are free if you book a service within 2 months or purchase skincare - the $100 consultation fee will be credited.

Yes, we do accept CareCredit, however only for in-office transactions and not online. You can sign up in our office or via CareCredit's website. Read more here about CareCredit.

Shipping policy

Mint & Needle strives to meet your every aesthetic need, including ensuring timely delivery of our skin care products.

Mint & Needle ships all over the world, although shipping prices vary for international shipping outside of the United States and APO/FPO addresses.

Depending on your location, the size of your order, timing of when you place it, and other external factors such as weekends and holidays, each shipment of Mint & Needle products will vary in shipping time.