Mint & Needle Post-Procedure Regimen

Post-Procedure Regimen

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To help heal and optimize the results from your recent skin treatment, use our Mint & Needle Post-Procedure Regimen daily, following the recommendations below. These medical-grade products are perfect for nourishing your skin after Microneedling, RF Microneedling, CO2 Cool Peels, and Chemical Peels. 

  • Gentle Cleanser
  • Youth Serum
  • Peptide C&E Growth Factor
  • Intense Hydrating Cream
  • Hydrating UV Defense

How to apply Post-Procedure Regimen in morning: 

  • Wash with Gentle Cleanser
  • Apply Youth Serum to clean skin
  • Treat your skin with Peptide C&E Growth Factor 
  • Apply Intense Hydrating Cream after your serum
  • Protect your skin with Hydrating UV Defense

How to apply Post-Procedure Regimen in evening: 

  • Wash with Gentle Cleanser
  • Apply Youth Serum to clean skin
  • Treat your skin with Peptide C&E Growth Factor 
  • Moisturize with Intense Hydrating Cream