Best Products/Ingredients to Use After Treatments

Product photo of Peptide C&E, and Youth Serum.

At Mint & Needle, we take pride in delivering results that our medspa clients love. And when you love a new look, it makes sense that you would want it to last as long as possible.

That’s why we’ve created a Post-Procedure Regimen for all major skin treatments—particularly Microneedling, RF Microneedling, CO2 CoolPeel Lasers, and Chemical Peels. To keep your skin nourished and glowing long after your visit, make sure you have these products on hand:

Gentle Cleanser
A cleanser is critical for keeping unwanted free radicals and other pore-clogging materials out of your skin. However, many cleansers can be far too irritating for skin that has been freshly microneedled, lasered, or peeled. Our gentle cleanser has the right balance of ingredients that will keep your skin fresh and clear while reducing irritation.

Youth Serum
Our Youth Serum is so popular on its own, it may have already made its way into your daily routine anyway! But it is especially beneficial for continuing the stimulation of collagen and elastin. Treatments like microneedling will begin the process of smoothing your skin by encouraging collagen and elastin production, but following the treatment with Youth Serum ensures that your results stick around even longer.

Peptide C&E Growth Factor
This peptide treatment is essential for the initial healing stage after a treatment. Because microneedling and chemical peels involve some necessary irritation, your skin needs a little time to heal—by forming new cells that cause better skin elasticity and a brighter complexion. Peptide C&E Growth Factor is critical for aiding that process and solidifying your results.

Intense Hydrating Cream
We generally think of moisturizers as combating dryness, but really good moisturizers like our Intense Hydrating Cream go two steps further: they help rejuvenate your skin and rebuild the cells that protect it. The four ceramides in this cream restore skin barrier function, helping the skin maintain its natural structure. It is also perfect for calming down inflammation or redness that may naturally result from these treatments, getting you to great results even sooner.

Hydrating UV Defense
The last step in your morning routine should always be sunscreen — whether you’ve just gotten a treatment or not — so our Hydrating UV Defense is packed right into this regimen. Protecting your skin from UV damage is particularly important after a microneedling or peel treatment when your skin is very vulnerable. Without it, instead of ending up with a brighter, more even complexion, you could unintentionally expose yourself to sun spots and wrinkles.

Our Post-Procedure Regimen even comes with instructions to make sure you get the most out of each of these products.

Morning routine instructions:

  • Wash with Gentle Cleanser
  • Apply Youth Serum to clean skin
  • Treat your skin with Peptide C&E Growth Factor 
  • Apply Intense Hydrating Cream after your serum
  • Protect your skin with Hydrating UV Defense

Evening routine instructions:

  • Wash with Gentle Cleanser
  • Apply Youth Serum to clean skin
  • Treat your skin with Peptide C&E Growth Factor 
  • Moisturize with Intense Hydrating Cream

And for all of the above, if you have acne-prone skin, make sure to listen to your past experience and adjust this regimen to avoid products that might clog your pores. The Gentle Cleanser, Youth Serum, and Peptide Growth Factor should be safe bets, but consider using very small amounts of the Intense Hydrating Cream or replacing the Hydrating UV Defense with Oil Free UV Defense. And of course, share any acne-related concerns with our medical team during your visit for advice specific to your unique skin.

Do you have a treatment coming up? If not, make sure to schedule your next appointment at our Middletown, DE office soon! You can pick up your Post-Procedure Regimen while you’re visiting, ensuring that your skin will be cared for and look great for many more weeks to come.