Mint & Needle Age Defense Skincare Regimen | For those looking to minimize the signs of aging

Age Defense Regimen

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Skincare is a (good) habit and a lifelong practice.

For those looking to minimize the signs of aging, use our Mint & Needle Age Defense Regimen daily, following the recommendations below. 

  • Age Defense Cleanser
  • Youth Serum
  • Peptide C&E Growth Factor
  • HA Hydrator
  • Hydrated UV Defense

Keep Mint & Needle’s Age Defense Regimen on hand: subscribe to receive the regimen by mail every 2-3 months (and enjoy an additional discount). 

How to apply Age Defense regimen in morning: 

  • Wash with Age Defense Cleanser 
  • Apply Youth Serum on clean skin
  • Treat your skin with Peptide C&E Growth Factor 
  • Apply HA Hydrator after your serum
  • Dot on Hydrated UV Defense last for ultimate SPF protection

How to apply Age Defense regimen in evening: 

  • Wash the day off with Age Defense Cleanser 
  • Apply Youth Serum on clean skin
  • Treat your skin with Peptide C&E Growth Factor 
  • Moisturize with HA Hydrator  
Looking to boost your results? Add our Vitamin C, Retinol 0.5%, Mini Peel Pads, and Eye Cream with Retinol to your cart. Need brightening: add Vitamin C serum in the morning with your Youth Serum. You can even mix in your hand and apply together. The Retinol is strong enough to start with every other night, after your Youth Serum and build up to nightly. And that Eye Cream? You’ll want to dab on that both mornings and evenings right after applying serum.

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