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EZ Gel Plasma Filler

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Regenerative treatments use your body’s own materials to regenerate cells, proteins, or other materials that ultimately change the skin tissue (for the better). Because of these regenerative benefits, the use of blood concentrates —like Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF)—is becoming more popular in the industry. 

Enter EZ Plasma Gel.

EZ Gel, a revolutionary new solution that can be used in combination with fillers or independently to rejuvenate tissue and achieve natural-looking filler results. EZ Gel works wonders by enhancing firmness, reducing discoloration, and adding volume to areas such as the under-eye region and other treated areas.
How does it work?
  • We collect a blood sample from you.
  • The blood sample goes into tubes that are 100% natural (devoid of any anticoagulant.) 
  • Tubes are then spun in our centrifuge at optimal speed to create a blood concentrate rich in platelets, leukocytes, and Mesenchymal stem cells. How these tubes are heated and cooled allows a gel to form using your own cells. 
    At Mint & Needle, we are experts in delivering natural-looking aesthetics, with a special emphasis on regenerative treatments. Our approach focuses on tissue restoration, ensuring that fillers are used judiciously, only when necessary. We understand that nobody wants the "pillow face" or an overly puffy appearance. That's why we believe in the benefits of regenerative treatments, which help achieve a more natural and balanced look.

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    How many sessions do I need?
    For optimal results, we generally recommend two sessions of treatment spaced six weeks apart, particularly for the under-eye area. Afterward, maintenance sessions every six months are typically advised to keep up the desired outcome. Following this recommended treatment schedule provides long-lasting and effective results, especially for under-eye concerns.

    What areas are treated?
    While the under-eye area is a popular choice, other areas that can benefit from our treatments include the lips (if experiencing loose lip tissue), nasolabial folds, and for a complete facial rejuvenation, EZ Gel can be combined with fillers. This versatile approach allows us to address various areas and achieve optimal results.

    What's the down time?
    When undergoing under-eye treatment, it's important to be aware of potential side effects such as swelling, bruising, and redness. Swelling is a common occurrence and typically subsides within 1-2 weeks, though the duration can vary from person to person. It's essential to keep these possibilities in mind and allow ample time for the body to heal and recover after the procedure.

    What should I do before the procedure?
    To ensure optimal results, it's important to follow these pre-treatment guidelines. Refrain from taking blood thinners such as ibuprofen or aspirin for at least two weeks before your appointment. Stay well-hydrated, particularly on the night before and the day of the treatment. Prioritize a healthy diet, rich in vegetables and minimize meat consumption the day before. Additionally, it's advisable to abstain from alcohol for at least two days leading up to the procedure. These practices promote better platelet levels, which play a significant role in determining your clinical outcome.
    To learn more about Regenerative Aesthetic Medicineclick here to read Mint & Needle's NourishMINT Blog.