Featured in the Ritz Herald: Brandi Gregge Provides Free Medical Aesthetic Services for Abuse Survivors

Brandi Gregge smiling at the camera.

In Middletown, Delaware, an inspiring initiative called “Empowerment Beyond Scars” was launched on October 12, 2023. This new nonprofit organization, spearheaded by Brandi Gregge, MSN, FNP-BC, is on a mission to heal both the visible and invisible scars of survivors of physical abuse and violence in interpersonal relationships. This initiative offers regenerative medical aesthetic services for free, thanks to partnerships with international pharmaceutical companies.

Brandi Gregge is not just the founder of Empowerment Beyond Scars; she is also the medical director of Mint & Needle, a medical aesthetics practice in Middletown. Her journey to creating this nonprofit was inspired by her own personal experiences, aiming to give other survivors the chance to change their stories. “Empowerment Beyond Scars is about transforming pain into power. It’s our mission to help survivors rewrite their stories, to see the beauty and strength that’s been there all along but may have been overshadowed by their experiences,” Gregge states.

Empowerment Beyond Scars was established as a separate nonprofit to build a national network of medical aesthetic providers. It plans to work closely with healthcare, nonprofit, and government agencies across local and national levels. This collaboration aims to spread the word and provide educational resources about the treatments and services available. Gregge elaborates, “By partnering with healthcare, nonprofit, and government agencies, we’re not just providing services; we’re building a community of support and education around regenerative aesthetics.”

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The Ritz Herald, March 2024