More About Brandi



Growing up, my mother’s motto was “Feel your best, be your best.”

“Each one of us has beautiful physical attributes, and aesthetic medicine should be about enhancing what we have to allow us to feel more confident.”


My principles are more than skin deep. By focusing on natural aesthetic results, I hope to provide men and women with an improved wellness mindset supported by this boosted confidence. When we think about ourselves in a more positive light and achieve mindfulness, we see striking benefits:

Physical — with mindfulness, the physical body transitions from a sympathetic nervous response to a parasympathetic response. This sequence helps lower cortisol (stress) levels, blood pressure, heart rate, and chemical balance of emotions within the body.

Mentalmeditation brings our mind and brain to a still place. It is almost like the snow in a snow globe settling. It encompasses a sense of calm and stillness.

Emotional — mindfulness helps us achieve more awareness, leading to more emotional balance and less anxiety.

I take pride in helping people put their best face forward through a variety of customized facial aesthetic procedures and treatments. 

With a science-forward approach, your comfort, health, and confidence are at the forefront of everything that I and the team at Mint & Needle do. 

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