You Asked: Why is the Medically Minted Facial So Beneficial?

During these busy months, it’s common for our skin to look a little dull or clogged. Fluctuations in temperatures, additional stress, and changes in our day-to-day behavior all take their toll—especially on our skin. So now is also a perfect time to start or continue a monthly facial regimen, particularly with our Medically Minted Facials!

What is a Medically Minted Facial?

The Medically Minted Facial is a customized facial for your specific skin care needs and goals. Because it is a medical facial, your aesthetician is able to use medical grade products.

Why does it matter that Mint & Needle uses medical grade products?

Anytime we are browsing skincare products, we must beware of “cosmeceuticals”—products that claim to solve certain skin problems but typically have low concentrations of active ingredients. Instead, cosmeceuticals will be made mostly of “buffer” materials. Buffers are important for balancing the pH of a product and preventing it from irritating your skin, but too many of them can mean you don’t also get the benefit of the active ingredients. (Frustrating, we know!)

Medical grade products have higher potency and fewer buffers, which means the active ingredients can actually get to the layers of the skin they need to reach. A Medically Minted Facial will achieve your skincare goals in a way that a spa facial, which focuses mainly on relaxation and basic skin cleansing, likely will not.

How is a Medically Minted Facial different from a spa facial?

Your personalized Medically Minted Facial will begin with a discussion of your goals—reducing acne, anti-aging, brightening complexion, or others—and an assessment of your skin type. We will then select the specific products and treatments that meet your skin where it’s at and bring it to the next level.

Here is just a sample of some of the personalized treatments you may receive with a Medically Minted Facial:

Dermaplane Facial

It is a procedure that involves shaving away the top layers of the skin, which can reduce the appearance of acne scars or pitted skin. Some people do it to get rid of unwanted hair as well.

Sea Salt Exfoliation

Exfoliants promote healthy skin by cleansing pores and removing dead cells, leaving you with a fresh, even complexion. Sea salt in particular pulls toxins from the skin, giving you a detoxifying treatment at the same time. Sea salt is also known for reducing inflammation and pain—think of a salt bath for athletes—as well as increasing circulation when scrubbed onto the skin, resulting in a post-facial glow.

Ultrasound Peel

Ultrasound peels are another way to exfoliate that is perfect for sensitive skin. Rather than relying on a scrub, your aesthetician will use a device called an ultrasonic spatula to vibrate the skin. These concentrated vibrations will be barely noticeable to you, but they thoroughly remove bacteria from pores and shake off dead skin cells, leaving you with clean, fresh, healthy skin.

LED Light Therapy

LED therapy is a high-tech approach to skin treatment that actually began with NASA research. NASA wanted to see whether certain wavelengths of light might help plants grow in space and discovered that some light is helpful to healing wounds in human skin. Who knew space research would come in handy for our facial routines!?

LED light therapy is great for treating acne, inflammation, and signs of aging. Blue light penetrates the skin to reach its oil glands, causing them to decrease activity—ideal for those with oily skin or acne. Red light stimulates collagen production—causing your skin to be firmer and smoother—and decreases inflammation. 

This sounds heavenly. How can I get a Medically Minted Facial?

The best part of each of these personalized treatments is that they are extremely safe and painless for all skin types. After learning about your goals, we simply choose the ones that are best suited to your skin, and your facial begins! Book your Medically Minted Facial at our Middletown, Delaware office to start your customized skincare journey today.