Benefits of Getting Monthly Facials

Facials are the ultimate treat: well-known for combining relaxation with rejuvenation, focusing on a part of our body that gets the most attention and usage in our day-to-day. But despite their indulgent reputation, facials host a significant number of benefits, boosting our health from the top down.

Below, Mint & Needle highlights a few key benefits to receiving monthly facials with a medical aesthetics practice. 

Deep clean and prevent breakouts

Facials help to gently (and correctly) exfoliate and cleanse dirt and oil that your daily washes have left behind. Facials are able to provide a deeper exfoliation that you can achieve at home, paving the way for smoother skin, unclogging pores, and allowing for greater penetration of facial serums and moisturizers. 

Whether you have a big event coming up, or want to improve your skin over time, a facial is key to helping your confidence shine through.

Wash away your stress

Receiving a facial massage activates your parasympathetic nervous system, helping to relieve stress, tension, and anxiety. Not only is ongoing stress bad for your skin, it can negatively impact the rest of your health as well.

In turn, this benefit is two-fold, as relieving stress helps prevent premature aging, too. Less frowning means fewer wrinkles!

Boost your anti-aging perks

With the many types of facials available, the benefits reach far and wide. Facials can improve your skin’s tone, texture, and elasticity, as they fight the damaging effects of sun exposure, time, and pollution. 

Facials help reduce fine lines and age spots, allow your skin to feel healthier, and relieve tired, dehydrated skin. Most importantly, facials can increase circulation of the blood beneath the skin, facilitating the renewal of skin cells and contributing to optimal skin health. 

Mint & Needle offers a variety of facials to suit your unique needs. 

  • Medically Minted Facial: This 1-hour medical grade facial is customized to each patient with the use of our own medical modalities - including sea salt exfoliation, a peel with ultrasound, or LED light therapy.
  • Minted Mama Facial: This facial for soon-to-be-mothers is customized for each individual's needs. It may include a gentle cleanse, sea salt exfoliation or dermaplaning, and an oatmeal mask with steam. This special facial will revive dull skin and produce an immediate glow.
  • The SaltFacial™: This powerful facial combines the beauty of pure, natural Sea Salt with cutting-edge aesthetic Ultrasound and high-powered LED phototherapy, to deliver a treatment unlike any other. (Check out the many, many benefits here.)

Think of your aesthetician as your dentist. Regular visits are crucial for preventative measures, and just like getting your teeth cleaned by a professional, your skin can’t achieve the same level of freshness and purity on your own, at home. 

Your skin will thank you for making a standing monthly appointment, as regular facials will help keep your skin youthful, soft, and clean. For pricing, details, and scheduling information, click on any of the facials above for more information. You’ll be one step closer to more radiant skin. 

Then book your facial at our Middletown, Delaware office!