The Best Skincare Treatments for Each Season

Though skincare is an everyday activity, some treatments tend to be naturally suited for certain times of year. Particularly for those of us who experience all four seasons, it makes sense to, for example, start your laser hair removal treatments about 6 months before you’ll be strutting around in shorts all summer. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your skincare treatments, read on for the best treatments to get in each season:


Medical grade chemical peels are very popular during this time of year for giving our skin a “reset” after the summer months. At Mint & Needle, your chemical peel will be customized for your skin’s unique needs, and just one treatment will have brighter, more even skin coming to the surface in no time.

Also, around this time, many of our social schedules take a natural pause as children head back to school and the weather becomes a bit less friendly. For this reason, autumn can be a great time to get some treatments that involve a little recovery time, like fillers or lip flips.

Almost all of Mint & Needle’s treatments need just a day or two of downtime at the absolute maximum, but we know most of our clients don’t want to show up to a major party or event with some visible redness or swelling. Plan these treatments near a weekend or a set of work-from-home days, then enjoy the way your fillers or flip enhance your naturally beautiful features for apple-picking trips, hayrides, and all your other autumnal adventures!


Winter is an amazing time for so many services, we can barely list them all here. A big one, as mentioned, is laser hair removal. After just 6 sessions, with 4-6 weeks between each, you can say goodbye! to hair just about anywhere—legs, underarms, belly, chin, bikini line, you name it! When summer approaches again, our laser hair removal clients are always so happy that they started their series in the winter.

As the air gets colder and harsher, a SkinWave hydrating facial is also perfect for this time of year. Keeping our skin healthy through the winter is mainly about keeping moisture deep into our skin, and this hydrating facial will do just that.

Light treatments like IPL are also great to get during the winter. Since you should avoid major sunlight exposure for a few days after these treatments, the darker and cloudier days of winter make this timing a no-brainer. Plus, these treatments remove pigmentation that may have resulted from sun exposure during the summer and fall, leaving you with a clear, even skin tone heading into the next year.


Spring has sprung, which means it’s time to freshen up our skin too! Our medically minted facial and laser facial are very popular as winter wraps up. Clients appreciate the way these treatments give their skin a new glow as they head to more social events, like weddings and end-of-year celebrations. Plus, nearly all of us come out of winter with a little dullness and dry skin still hanging around, so a facial is a perfect way to transition into the warmer months.


Summer is often a time when many of us want to look our best. This is a great time to get those anti-wrinkle injections you’ve been thinking about, smoothing your skin for gatherings, events, and vacation photos!

Plus, don’t forget that Mint & Needle has got your back—and your bum. Sculptra and non-surgical cellulite treatments are perfect for shaping hip dips, lifting that bum, and supporting overall butt augmentation. Throw on those shorts, sundresses, and bathing suits while looking—and more importantly, feeling—your absolute best!

In whatever time of year this finds you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions about these services. Plus, if there’s a different service you’ve been considering, we can help advise you around when might be best to get started. Just book an appointment with our experts in Middletown, DE, or Lewes, DE, or give us a call at 302-696-2484 today!