All You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal in Delaware

Image of a woman getting Laser Hair Removal on her armpit.Since we started offering Laser Hair Removal Services in September 2022, our clients have absolutely loved their results. No more shaving nicks, ingrown hairs, or painful wax appointments? Yes, please!
So for those who are still considering whether to start their laser hair removal journey, we’ve gathered all you need to know to join the club:
First of all, our laser hair removal technology is absolutely painless. We know—it sounds impossible! But the truth is, we didn’t even offer this service until we could get the newest, most painless laser available, because we know how huge of a difference that makes when deciding whether to shave, wax, or invest in laser sessions.
This tech is so pain-free, our clients don’t even report discomfort when treating sensitive areas like the underarm or bikini line. Plus, there is no recovery time: no restrictions on what you can do or wear in the following days or even hours (except for limiting sun exposure, of course)!
Secondly, laser hair removal requires about six sessions to achieve best results. This does mean there is some planning involved—you want to leave 4-6 weeks between treatments so that the hairs that weren’t removed in the last session have time to grow in (and get lasered the next visit).
Over time, this regrowth will show up less and less, but you don’t want to rush the process. When done properly, laser hair removal users will be able to go for months or even years without seeing hair reappear.
Lastly, winter and early spring are the best time of year to complete a laser hair removal cycle. Though there is no recovery time, there are a few things you’ll need to do in the days before sessions. The most important one is to make sure the area you want to treat is not exposed to sunlight or is carefully protected from UV rays. This is MUCH easier to do during the winter, when you are spending more time inside and have more skin covered while outside!
Excited to learn more? Check out our Laser Hair Removal FAQs and then sign up for your appointment at our Middletown, Delaware office today. We can’t wait to get you started on your journey towards smooth, hair-free skin!