New Service Alert: Painless Laser Hair Removal in Middletown, DE

Have you ever finished up a wax appointment or nicked yourself during a shave and thought, I wish I never had to do this again! Well, you’re in luck, Minted Beauties: Mint & Needle is now the first aesthetic boutique in Delaware to offer the newest pain-free Laser Hair Removal technology. This high-tech, pain-free approach will have you waving goodbye to unwanted hair for months or years at a time, if not forever!

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal targets hair follicles: tube-shaped structures located in the dermis.

alt="The Hair Follicle  Anatomy. A breakdown by Mint & Needle"

Each strand of hair grows from a follicle, which is constantly lengthening the strand. The laser’s light is absorbed by melanin in the skin and converted to heat, damaging follicles so that new hair growth is delayed or prevented.

There are a few different devices out there for this type of procedure, and Mint & Needle’s laser is known for being absolutely PAINLESS. Imagine all the excruciating wax and plucking treatments you can skip! Our laser hair removal service is perfect for those sensitive areas that other treatments leave stinging, irritated, and sometimes even injured.

Plus, the benefits of Mint & Needle’s Laser Hair Removal service go beyond the removal of unwanted hair:

  1. No recovery time.
  2. Elimination of ingrown hairs.
  3. Long-lasting results.
  4. May help reduce acne on the treated area.
  5. Sessions can last as few as 20 minutes.*

*Time depends on the amount of hair, and the area of the body being treated.

What areas can I treat with laser hair removal?

You can get laser hair removal on almost any part of your body. Patients commonly remove hair from the underarms, bikini line, legs, lip, chin, or arms (and men come in for the chest, neckline, beard line, and back!). The only areas that are not recommended for laser hair removal are tattooed skin, eyelids, and the area surrounding the eye.

What can I expect before and after Mint & Needle’s Laser Hair Removal treatment?

For best results, you should expect to come in for six treatments over the course of a few months. In between treatments, you’ll notice the hair will seem to continue growing. That will mainly be the rest of the hair in the follicle emerging from the skin and falling away. (Bad news for unwanted hair, great news for us!) Some may be regrowth, which you can address in your next treatment.

After your initial treatments, you may come in for maintenance removal depending on your outcome. Some don’t need to re-laser for years at a time, and others experience no regrowth of the unwanted hair ever again!

Before each treatment, you’ll want to follow a few protocols:

  • Avoid sun exposure and, when outside, wear sunscreen on the area intended for hair removal. (And now that fall/winter is here, it’s the perfect time to get this done!)
  • Do not pluck or wax for four weeks before your treatment.
  • Do shave the day before treatment. (This way the laser is only burning away the follicle below the skin, not the hair above!)

Anything else I should know?

One major thing to consider is that laser hair removal generally works better on dark hair. This is because the pigment in the hair is where the laser works and interacts, therefore this treatment works better with dark hair.

For the same reason, laser hair removal is also generally less effective on light hair: gray, blonde, and red, for example. When the hair is dark, the laser is attracted to the dark follicle and does its job. When the hair is light, the laser can spread out over both the hair and the skin.

That said, there have been lasers developed recently that work better on all skin types! 

There is also a small group of people who should not seek laser hair removal: those with a history of severe scarring, those with skin disorders, or those taking certain medications. 

This sounds amazing! Where do I sign up?

At Mint & Needle, we offer six different Laser Hair Removal packages to address your needs. Just click here to book an appointment to our Middletown, Delaware office, and you’ll be on your way to smooth, clear, hair-free skin for good!