Mint & Needle: Brandi Gregge featured in Philadelphia Style

Mint & Needle: Feel Your Best, Be Your Best

Philadelphia Style Modern Luxury Magazine, September 2023

Brandi Gregge wearing a black suit while sitting on a wooden box.

In the heart of the aesthetics world, where external beauty often takes center stage, Mint & Needle emerged as a shining light that brings together health, empowerment, and natural aesthetics. Founded by Brandi Gregge, with an unshakeable passion for wellbeing and an innate appreciation for aesthetics, Mint & Needle stands out for its commitment to empowering individuals to embrace their inner radiance. Gregge’s belief in the transformative power of natural aesthetics has propelled Mint & Needle to new heights, all while maintaining a heart-centered approach that resonates beyond the treatment room.

Roots in Passion and Empowerment

The seeds of Mint & Needle's journey were sown in a deep-rooted passion for health and aesthetics that has been nurtured since an early age. This passion, combined with a sincere desire to help individuals feel their best both inside and out, paved the way for a business that is not merely about aesthetics, but about holistic empowerment. Mint & Needle firmly believes that the power of transformation lies in celebrating each individual's unique beauty and helping them harness it to the fullest.

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