Featured in New York Tech: Beyond Skin Deep: The Mint & Needle Approach to Authentic Beauty and Confidence

Welcome to the world of Mint & Needle, a name synonymous with revolutionizing the aesthetics and wellness industry. Founded by the visionary Brandi Gregge, FNP-BC, this innovative practice stands out for its unique approach to beauty. Unlike conventional aesthetic treatments, Mint & Needle places a strong emphasis on enhancing natural features and fostering genuine self-confidence. At the heart of this approach is a belief that true beauty transcends physical appearances, resonating from within and reflecting in one's confidence and demeanor. Under Brandi's guidance, Mint & Needle is carving a new narrative in beauty, steering clear of superficiality and embracing a more holistic and empowering approach.

The Philosophy of Mint & Needle

At the core of Mint & Needle lies a philosophy that isn't about altering one's appearance beyond recognition; rather, it's about celebrating and enhancing the natural beauty that every individual possesses. Brandi and her team approach each client with a 360-degree perspective, considering not just their immediate aesthetic desires but their overall well-being. This comprehensive approach sets Mint & Needle apart in an industry often criticized for promoting unattainable beauty standards. By focusing on natural results and individual wellness, they are redefining aesthetic care, making it a journey of self-discovery and self-affirmation.

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