Featured in Kivo Daily: Brandi Gregge Rewrites Stories of Resilience for Violence Victims

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"“Feel your best, be your best” is more than a tagline for Middletown, Delaware’s premiere medical aesthetics practice Mint & Needle—it’s a guiding mission. Founder Brandi Gregge has focused on uplifting clients through a holistic, personalized approach to wellbeing since 2019. Now she’s uplifting survivors of interpersonal violence through her new nonprofit initiative Empowerment Beyond Scars.

The Beginning of Something Beautiful

As a recognized innovator and trainer in medical aesthetics, Gregge has long supported those recovering from trauma through her business and community outreach. However, conversations with survivors revealed a widespread, unmet need for regenerative treatments catered compassionately to those with scars from violence.

Many survivors conveyed feelings of shame, anxiety, or low self-worth tied to visible scarring. Others felt haunted by invisible emotional scars long after physical wounds healed. All described a longing to reclaim their self-confidence and inner strength."

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The Kivo Daily, April 2024