Featured in Mom Magazine: Brandi Gregge Launches Nonprofit Initiative for Abuse Survivors

Brandi Gregge sitting at the bottom of a staircase.
In Middletown, Delaware, a groundbreaking non-profit initiative named “Empowerment Beyond Scars” ” is offering new hope to victims and survivors of physical abuse and violence. This project, launched by Brandi Gregge, the founder of medical aesthetic practice, Mint & Needle, has captured widespread attention for its significant positive effects on the community. The Beginning of Mint & NeedleFounded in 2019 by Brandi Gregge, FNP-BC, Mint & Needle was created with a special vision in mind: “We started our brand for those seeking to rejuvenate their appearance while also finding a renewed sense of self-confidence,” Gregge explains. With extensive experience in both the medical and aesthetic fields, she initiated this practice with a focused mission: “to offer science-driven regenerative medical aesthetics.”Mint & Needle provides a broad selection of medical-grade products and services aimed at enhancing, nourishing, and empowering individuals’ inner and outer selves. From addressing skincare concerns to aging gracefully, Gregge emphasizes, “Our mission has always been to shape not only how the world sees our clients but more importantly, how they see themselves.”

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The Mom Magazine, March 2024