Brandi Gregge Featured in Philadelphia Style Magazine, Innovators in Aesthetics & Beauty (2024)

Brandi Gregge posing for Philadelphia Style Magazine. Wearing gray slack cargo pants, and a heart-shaped strapless denim top.

"My journey into regenerative aesthetics began with a passion for merging health and beauty," says Brandi Gregge, who opened Delaware-based med spa Mint & Needle in 2019. "Growing up in a single-parent household with limited resources, and inspired by the health challenges my family faced during my adolescence, I felt drawn to medicine and pursued a career as a nurse practitioner," the aesthetics injector explains. "I then ventured into the world of aesthetic medicine, and my excitement grew as I witnessed the impact it had both inwardly and externally."


In recent years, Gregge has noticed a shift in the industry towards overall wellness and natural-appearing beauty. "Patients seek personalized, science-driven approaches prioritizing long-term well-being over quick fixes. The narrative is changing to focus on enhancing beauty in a subtle, natural-looking way, aligning with Mint & Needle's ethos," she says, noting how rewarding it is to watch her clients regain confidence, self-assurance and happiness post-treatments. In general, Gregge and her team work to enhance each patient's natural beauty, rather than completely changing it, and prides themselves on personalized treatment plans that look at the entire facial structure. She adds, "Redefining beauty as an empowering, personal journey, rather than a societal construct, is a change I champion."

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Philadelphia Style Magazine, March 2024