Brandi Gregge Featured in Delaware Today Magazine: These Women in Business Lead the Way in Delaware

When Brandi Gregge, M.S.N., F.N.P.-B.C., was naming her aesthetics boutique in Middletown, she wanted it to evoke an emotional response. While “needle” was an obvious nod to her métier, she landed on “mint” for its cool, calming impression. “[It’s] how I want my client to feel,” Gregge says. “We’re about restoration, not really changing who you are, just that kind of refreshed feel.” The Los Angeles transplant says the best part of her job is more than skin-deep. “A lot of people see us when they’re going through something—whether it’s a divorce or they’re feeling down. Then, all of a sudden, they look like the person they feel like. Watching that transformation is powerful.” Gregge is also launching a nonprofit called Empowerment Beyond Scars, which will provide services to women who have had physical manifestations of domestic violence. “I want to leave a legacy behind,” she says. “I want to create positive change.”

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