When Do I Need to Get My Filler Refilled?

As we age, our skin naturally responds to time and gravity by looking a little, well, sunken. If you’ve had this experience, you may have freshened up your look with filler for a smooth, renewed appearance. Filler is an optimal treatment for many aesthetic concerns, like the area around the mouth seeming to deflate or cheeks starting to look hollow, so you’re already off to a great start!

Now the question is: How often do I need to get my filler refilled to keep my amazing look?

The short answer here is that it’s different for everyone, which we know is not the answer you’re looking for! So we’ll break down the different factors in what makes filler last longer—or not—to help you decide when will be the right time for your next appointment:

General Filler Recommendations

The particular filler that you choose will have a generally recommended period for touch-ups. Here at Mint & Needle, we offer Juvéderm, Restylane, and Radiesse in order to be able to customize your filler for the particular area you’d like to treat or look you’re going for.

Each filler has slightly different timelines, so ask your Mint & Needle provider about which one you’re going with during your treatment. These three fillers all recommend touch-ups every 6  to 12 months—and with some fillers, even up to 18 months. Make sure to talk to your provider about which filler they are using and what the typical maintenance looks like for that filler.

Your Metabolism

One of the biggest factors in how quickly filler needs to be refilled is your metabolism. For some people, their metabolism is generally higher, so we’ll break down the filler faster. That probably means you want to subtract a month or two from the average, coming in every 4 to 6 months.

For others, their metabolism is naturally slower, so fillers will last longer. At your 8-month mark, you may still be happy with the results; if that’s the case, you may want to come in closer to every 10 months.

You may also know that your body just has a fast or slow metabolism – you can factor that in, too. If you tend to burn calories quickly, or if you’re upping your metabolism with lots of exercise these days, consider scheduling your appointments less than 6 months apart.

Your Look

The easiest way to decide when to come in is when you look in the mirror and say, “Hmm, I think I’m ready for a touch-up!” Because our appearance changes just a little bit every day, it can be helpful to have some ways to compare changes in the filler areas. Try asking yourself these questions:

  • Are any lines or wrinkles reappearing? (Pro Tip: You can use a photo taken in the days or weeks after your last filler appointment to compare.)
  • Is the filled area looking deflated at all?
  • Is your makeup setting differently? (Maybe you’re using more blush to try to lift those cheeks that are starting to sag again, or you’re using less lipstick because your lip filler has started to wear off.)
  • Has it been more than 12 months since your last appointment?

For this last question, in pretty much all cases, filler will have at least started to dissolve by one year after the appointment. If you’re still happy with your results, that’s amazing! But it is a good time to look at the calendar and see when you may be able to come in during the coming months.

Whenever you come in for your next appointment, your Mint & Needle team will be looking forward to seeing you! And in the meantime, we hope you flaunt your full, youthful, renewed look.