What’s the difference between BBL™ and Moxi™?

You may have noticed that we list BBL and Moxi as a combined treatment. It’s true that these two laser treatments go great together, and clients seem even happier with the results they’re looking for when they use both. But technically, they are still two different treatments, and we know our clients care about knowing what exactly their treatment is doing to their skin. So let’s get into it!

BBL Treats deeper levels of skin

For all laser treatments, the type of light used is usually what the name stands for. In the case of BBL, that light is BroadBand light, which means it can penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin.

BBL stimulates collagen production and cell regeneration in the skin so that your body is actually repairing itself. It is incredible for helping with age spots, pigments, vascularities, rosacea, and red or brown spots.

It is sometimes compared to IPL treatments, which serve a similar purpose, but BBL is sort of the updated version. One of the most noted things about its newer technology is that it works fast – you’ll see results within 3-5 days of treatment.

Moxi treats the surface of the skin

We work closely with the laser company Sciton to bring cutting-edge laser treatments to our clients as soon as we know they’re safe and effective. Moxi is the name for their non-ablative laser, which penetrates the surface layers of the skin.

Moxi targets water cells to again stimulate a natural healing process in the skin. Over the recommended 2-4 treatments, it helps with texture, pores, and pigment. Like BBL, it is amazing for getting a bright, even complexion!

When used together they get all layers

The reason these treatments go so well together is that you end up with all layers of skin – upper epidermis and lower epidermis – generating new, even-toned, younger-looking cells. (Sign us up!)

Additionally, Moxi is effective for all skin shades. Unlike some treatments for uneven skin tone that target the pigments created by dark spots, Moxi targets other parts of the cells, making them safe to use on any skin type.

When used separately, they have different strengths

Because Moxi treats only the surface of the skin, it can be a perfect match for younger clients who are looking to prevent sun damage and signs of aging. Treatments are short – just 15 minutes – and other than avoiding the sun, there’s basically no downtime. That makes it a great fit for busy 20- and 30-somethings who want to make sure they’re not letting dark spots and wrinkles take root.

BBL gets to deeper layers of the skin that can’t be helped by topical treatments or other approaches, so that gives it an advantage for those who are further into their skincare journey. It’s also particularly effective for bigger areas of skin, like the back, legs, and arms. The length of treatment is still short – 10-15 minutes – but rather than the 3-4 treatments recommended for Moxi, you may only need 1-3 treatments of BBL.

So whichever layer of the skin you’re looking to target, BBL and Moxi have you covered. Book an appointment at our Middletown, DE office to get yourself closer to clear, bright, even skin today!