The Four Pillars of Health

Have you ever invested thousands in aesthetic services, but realized it didn't make you feel confident because you weren't taking care of yourself physically and mentally? Or, have you ever been crushing it at work, but realized how much more confident you'd feel if you just threw on some lipstick?

We know we sure have, and it's because we need to be in BALANCE with what Mint & Needle founder Brandi Gregge calls the Four Pillars of Health. When you’re not looking and being your best you present a subdued version of the true BADASS that you are.

Four Pillars Mint & Needle

Health and the Four Pillars

Health is not simply the absence of disease or illness. The World Health Organization defines it “as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.” Being healthy means YOU are able to manage the demands of everyday life and be in balance. So then the saying “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” is true when it comes to health.

Just because you go to the gym everyday does not mean you are healthy. It's definitely possible to be physically healthy but not mentally well. So, to be HEALTHY we must focus on our PHYSICAL, MENTAL, and SOCIAL wellbeing.

But wait, we mentioned earlier there are 4 pillars….exactly, mental, physical, social, and AESTHETIC wellbeing! The reason why Brandi has always viewed aesthetics as a part of our health is because when we don’t feel like we are looking our best we have a negative mental dialog which impacts our mental health; when our mental health is suffering we neglect our physical wellbeing and then or social wellbeing. To be truly happy and present our authentic selves we must be healthy in all Four Pillars. 

How do you define each of The Four Pillars?

1. Physical health:

On a higher level, this is defined as a complete state of physical well-being where you are able to perform daily tasks without difficulties. You maintain a healthy weight, free from disease, maintain a healthy diet, and physical fitness.

2. Mental health:

The absence of mental illness is one clinical definition. However, mental health goes much deeper and reflects one’s ability to feel comfortable in their identity, have stable emotional reactions, and cope with the demands of life.

3. Social health:

We define it as having your tribe of people who are cheering you on and supporting you and visa versa. It’s also about how you interact with other people. To be truly healthy you need to bring value to others’ lives and they should bring value to yours.

4. Aesthetic health:

It’s not about being a “new you,” in fact, we can’t stand that phrase. When we refer to a new you it means we are trying to change who you are, and that’s far from the truth! There is nothing wrong with you, we just want to present the best version of you. The YOU that when you look in the mirror you tell yourself “DAMN I look good” but you can only have this glow when all your pillars are in balance.

How can health translate into success?

When you are in control of your mindset, physical health is in check, appearance is on point, and have an awesome social circle you go out into the world confident and take control of your aspirations. You also stop allowing others to control your life journey because you are that confident that whatever is thrown your way you are healthy enough to take it head on.

Let’s face it, your reality is shaped by who you choose to be every day. It’s not about vanity, it’s about showing up every day with the BEST VERSION of your true self. Because your true self is a STAR and unique so go out there and take pride in it!


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