Tech Neck: What Can I Do to Help My Neck Look Younger?

Brandi sitting on a bed while using an iPad.

The neck is a delicate area—not only is the skin thinner than in other parts of the body, it also has fewer oil glands. This means that your neck is more prone to wrinkles, lines, and sagging. (Not the look most of us are going for!)

Add to this that our necks are constantly scrunched nowadays because of our online lifestyles. On average, American adults are spending 7 hours per day looking down at a screen, whether that means a computer or a phone. All that bending adds up to even more wrinkles and sagging over time.

We understand that it’s probably not possible to simply quit your office job or stop looking at your phone (though limiting screen time where you can will definitely help!) For those of us who are pretty much neck-bending for those 7 hours, we’ve rounded up some tips and tricks you can use to avoid developing “tech neck” lines:

Raise your screens

Setting your desktop computer at a proper height for your eye line can make a huge difference in limiting neck bending at work. To set the height of your monitor, sit in your chair comfortably and look straight forward. Your eyes should be resting on a point that is 2-3 inches below the top of the monitor. Adjust accordingly!

Stimulate your skin to naturally produce more collagen

Collagen is the magic word when it comes to so many skincare issues—it is the compound that keeps our skin tight, even, and youthful. Over time, our body will naturally produce less collagen, which quickly becomes very visible in areas like the neck and hands.

That’s why Mint & Needle has designed a specific Neck, Chest, & Hand Rejuvenation service. Your skin will be introduced to a biostimulator that naturally encourages the body to produce more collagen in that area. Check out these before-and-afters and then book your appointment with us online.

Stay hydrated

Keeping your skin appropriately hydrated will limit wrinkling by helping the skin be more flexible and less likely to hold creases. A primary way to maintain skin hydration is by drinking plenty of water—about 6 large glasses per day—but we also can’t forget about moisturizers! For normal, dry, or sensitive skin, make sure you’re applying Intense Hydrating Cream to your neck as well as your face. For oily skin, cover the same area but with our B3 Hydrate.

Have you heard of Ultherapy?

An amazing treatment has come along in the past few years to lift areas like the neck and chin—Ultherapy. The Ultherapy want uses ultrasound technology to stimulate production of collagen and elastin deep under the surface of the skin. The results are similar to those that result from cosmetic surgery in the neck and face, but it is completely non-invasive and there is no downtime after treatment. Learn more about Ultherapy here.

Whatever your approach to “tech neck,” your neck will quickly thank you for your efforts to keep its delicate skin looking healthy, smooth, and youthful!