Q&A with Mint & Needle Founder & Aesthetic Injector Brandi Gregge

We absolutely love hearing from our Mint & Needle community, and we know you have lots of questions—about trying a service for the first time, about results you can expect for your personal skincare situation, or about just how our Founder and Aesthetic Injector Brandi Gregge, can do all the things she does and still sleep! (Honestly, we were curious about that one, too!)

So last month, we presented you all a question via Instagram (Follow us if you want to be a part of these Q&A sessions): If you could ask Brandi one question, what would it be? As usual, your responses were sincere, thoughtful, and fun!

And now, without further ado, here are Brandi’s answers:

Brandi leaning against a kitchen counter while smiling at the camera.

What’s your favorite makeup brand?
A personal fave is Tom Ford, although I also incorporate some products from ELF and Charlotte Tilbury into my routine. And, of course, our Mint & Needle Lip Plump & Hydrate is a staple in my makeup collection.

Do you ever sleep?
I place great importance on sleep and make it a priority to ensure I receive at least 6 hours of rest. My life is carefully managed with precise time allocation, and I am committed to preserving my sleep routine. I am willing to forgo social activities to ensure I get adequate sleep, unless situations arise where I have no alternative.

What’s your end goal?
My ultimate aspiration is the growth of Mint & Needle and my personal brand, with the mission of empowering both women and men from the inside out. Concurrently, I am deeply committed to advancing my nonprofit, which focuses on aiding individuals affected by domestic violence and its physical ramifications.

Brandi wearing a white coat while holding a needle.

What’s your pet peeve?
One of them is when people venture into becoming injectors after attending brief weekend courses, primarily motivated by financial gain rather than a genuine concern for patient safety. Another one: whining tends to grate on me!

What's one piece of advice that could encourage others to achieve your level of success?
Maintain unwavering focus on your goal and wholeheartedly embrace it as if it has already been accomplished. Persevere even when faced with challenges and difficulties, recognizing that every journey will inevitably include both highs and lows. Instead of being preoccupied with external influences, stay committed to your path and keep moving forward. As well, make sure to surround yourself with a supportive circle of individuals who share your growth-oriented mindset and actively cheer on your success journey.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in with these great questions! Our only regret is that we couldn’t answer all of them—but if you liked this post, maybe we’ll do it again… Leave us a comment on our Facebook or Instagram to let us know what you think of Brandi’s responses!