Fight Scarring, Wrinkles, & Hyperpigmentation in Lewes with New Treatments

A woman laying down in a treatment chair while getting a CO2 treatment.

Did you know that two of our Helix CO2 laser treatments are available exclusively in Lewes, DE? The Fusion and Sultra treatments are special features of the Helix laser, which we just added to our Lewes location. Fusion and Sultra are each incredible for improving skin texture in different ways—one works on healing deep below the skin, while the other emphasizes a more gentle, surface-level smoothing.

Your Mint & Needle skincare expert can help you decide which CO2 treatment is best suited for your skin type, current concerns, and skincare goals. Read more below to start the conversation:


The FUSION laser uses both ablative and non-ablative energy. What’s that, you might ask? “Ablative” treatments achieve their results by just slightly injuring the skin. Think of this the same way as working out: when you lift a heavy weight, you create very tiny tears in the muscle working. In the coming hours and days, your muscle will get right to work on repairing those tears—and, as it does, it will build up bigger and stronger muscle in its place.

Ablation is very similar: by creating extremely tiny injuries in deep layers of the skin, the treatment stimulates the skin to heal itself, building newer, smoother, brighter skin. (Sign us up!)

The FUSION treatment in particular combines this ablative, renewing type of CO2 laser treatment with a top-level laser treatment—meaning it also clears the dead, dull skin on the surface. That’s part of why Minted Beauties love their FUSION results: you get improved tone, elasticity, and texture on two levels!


Sultra is an amazing non-ablative CO2 laser treatment. By using a wavelength of light that generates heat deep below the skin—but does not cause any of those tiny injuries—Sultra stimulates collagen production for skin that looks brighter and more youthful.

The big upside of Sultra that keeps people coming back is that it has so little down time. The ablative treatments require a bit of time for your skin to do that healing—like your muscles need time to recover from soreness, it can take a few days or more. Sultra results in healthier, younger-looking skin with minimal time out of the spotlight.

So if you’re new to our Lewes location, or if you haven’t visited us yet and have been wanting to improve skin texture: this is your sign! Book an appointment for your Sultra or Fusion CO2 laser treatment in Lewes today.

And of course, we continue to offer our legacy CO2 laser treatments in both Lewes and Middletown, if you’re interested in our CoolPeel or Deep Fully Fractionated CO2 to resurface and rejuvenate damaged skin.