My Skin is Oily/Combination: What Products Should I Use?


Understanding and identifying your exact skin type can be difficult. Especially if you wake up with dry skin, and by late afternoon, your forehead is oily. If this sounds similar, you most likely have combination skin. While those with oily/combination skin may be afraid to put anything on their face that may contribute to more oil, we’re happy to share that you do have options!

No matter your skin type, being gentle on your face is critical. Exfoliants can be known to be a bit abrasive and can cause some irritation if you aren't choosing the right one for you. (Especially those of the St. Ives variety.) A gentler exfoliant will help to not only clean out those clogged pores that are causing excess oil, but will help to avoid irritating those dryer patches of skin. While sometimes an afterthought, an exfoliant should be the first product you reach for, as they unclog pores and allow for greater penetration of facial serums and moisturizers.

For some, the oily/combination skin type may include patches of oil or dryness in different parts of your face. Using the right products for you and your skin type is essential to finding that balance, especially as we age. In fact, some providers recommend you consider using multiple products in different areas of your face. 

Below, the Mint & Needle team breaks down different scenarios and the optimal products for each: 

  • For oily or acne-prone areas, try a hydrating serum. Moisturizers can be daunting for people with oily skin, but it’s all about finding the right ingredients. A hydrating serum is also less harsh on acne prone skin.
  • For dry spots, a hydrating ceramide-based moisturizer may be the one for you. Mint & Needle’s B3 Hydrate creates a skin moisture barrier and locks in moisture without clogging pores.
  • Some dry patches can be difficult to get rid of with an ordinary moisturizer, but a hydrating serum  may be a very beneficial fix to restoring near-natural hydration. 

Determining your skincare routine and products that work best for you may take a few trial and errors. Once you discover products with pure, quality ingredients that work with your skin, staying consistent is key to a healthy complexion.