Kroma: Well-Being From the Inside Out

Brandi Gregge sitting in her office while smiling.

Have you heard? The cleanse is out, and the 5 Day Reset is in. Our founder Brandi Gregge is a Kroma Ambassador, and she swears—and quite frankly, we do, too—by their nutrient-dense 5-day program.

Kroma’s resets include smoothies, porridges, soups, lattes, and other mainly liquid-based meals that fill a full day. After the 5 days, users should experience increased energy, decreased bloating and inflammation, and an improvement in digestion and metabolism.

Their program is not a fasting diet, though it does encourage a 12 to 16 hour fasting period between bedtime and breakfast. You can customize the timing and even content of your meals, adding supplements like almond milk, chicken, or extra vegetables:

Add [nut milks, fruit, veggies, and protein] as needed depending on desired health goals (weight loss, reset, maintain, etc.) and activity level. The program is about NOURISHMENT and not about starvation and deprivation. While you may feel hungry at times, you should never feel starved or depleted.

Possibly one of the best benefits of Kroma’s programs is that they emphasize superfoods—nutrient-dense foods like dark leafy greens, berries, mushrooms, and beets. Superfoods are associated with heart health, decreasing inflammation, increasing immune system function, and boosting overall energy.

“My favorite part of doing their fast every 6 months is it resets my tastebuds to enjoying the natural sweetness of foods and reduces bloat. I also find that after my fast I'm able to make better food choices because my body feels energized and nourished.” (Brandi Gregge, FNP-BC, Founder & Medical Director)

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