Introducing an Amazing Treatment for Beautiful, Bright Eyes

Valerie holding a box of Upneeq Eye Drops.

Minted Beauties often come to us looking to help their eyes look “younger,” which can mean brighter or less wrinkled, but may also mean bigger. That’s actually what a lot of eye cosmetics are for: concealer makes them look less sunken, eye shadows make them look bigger, and shaped brows give them a brighter, wider look.

But these illusions only get the eye so far—nothing replaces the eyes simply being open wider. That’s where Upneeq comes in.

Upneeq is an FDA-approved prescription eye drop to treat low-lying lids in adults. Upneeq’s eyedrops lift your upper eyelids to open your eyes. Just one drop yields results within a few minutes or hours and lasts 8 hours in total. Their before-and-after pictures say it all—lifting the eyelids brightens the face’s whole appearance!

That’s why Mint & Needle is partnering with Upneeq to bring this product to you through our offices. Just drop by the office during our business hours to get your Upneeq eyedrops today!

two part graphic: image 1 is a medical professional putting eye drops in a woman's right eye. image 2 is a before an after, showing that the woman's right eye is more open after the drops.