How to Get Thicker Eyebrows & Eyelashes

Brandi Gregge sitting at the bottom of some stairs while looking at the camera.

Our eyes are a major focus of what people notice when they look at us. It’s no wonder that so much of makeup—eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner—is focused on drawing attention to wider, brighter eyes.

But for days when we’re not wearing much makeup, or when we just want a more natural look, nothing quite replaces having long, thick eyebrows and eyelashes. Here at Mint & Needle, we have some exciting products to help your lashes and brows stand out.

LATISSE: The Lash Booster

As soon as LATISSE came on the scene, there was a lot of excitement about it. Finally, a serum that really helps eyelids grow longer, fuller, and darker lashes! The product has now undergone several clinical trials that show those results are for real. We are proud to offer LATISSE at Mint & Needle.

LATISSE works by causing eyelashes to stay in the growth phase—also known as the anagen phase—for more time. This results in lashes not only growing longer, but also having an increased thickness that results in that truly luxurious look. The serum also seems to cause darkening of the lashes for some users, which means even less need for mascara!

The LATISSE serum should be applied daily for 16 weeks to see results. Our Mint & Needle team will be happy to talk you through its use if you come into our stores to purchase your first LATISSE set.

RevitaLash: The Lash Conditioner

We’ve done the research on home remedies for lash growth. Before LATISSE came on the market, the big suggestions were to dab some unsweetened green tea on your lashes, apply aloe vera, or apply Vitamin E oil. To do all of these consistently, you’d have to have a whole routine set aside for your eyelashes!

In comes RevitaLash: a conditioner that includes all the ingredients that those home remedies suggested—and then some. If you’re happy with the general thickness and length of your lashes but need an extra boost, this conditioner is for you.

RevitaLash has green tea extract to strengthen lashes, saw palmetto to condition and add shine (which the aloe was for), and plenty of important vitamins and minerals that help hair grow stronger and last longer, such as Vitamin B, amino acids, lipids, and peptides. Plus, it includes other ingredients like Biotin and antioxidants from ginseng.

With RevitaLash, you’ll dramatically improve the flexibility and shine of your lashes while protecting against breakage and lash loss.

RevitaBrow: The Brow Conditioner

Knowing how well RevitaLash worked for so many of our clients, we were over the moon when the same company released RevitaBrow.

RevitaBrow uses a slightly adjusted formula to ensure brow hairs are shiny, soft, and resistant to falling out or breaking. Whether you’re looking for that popular boy brow look or just noticing your brows thinning out over time, this conditioner will help take them to the next level.

For both RevitaLash and RevitaBrow, make sure to clean the area free of all makeup before applying. If you use an oil-based makeup remover, do an extra rinse to make sure all of the remover is gone too. Then apply the serum using a clean brush for each eye. Use once per day, and keep up your routine for about 4 months to see full results.

Some Bonus Pointers

For both eyelashes and eyebrows, there are some things we can avoid that also help to grow soft, healthy, long, and thick lashes or brows.

In particular, try to avoid rubbing your eyes. Though this can be difficult around allergy seasons or when tired, rubbing can easily cause lashes and brow hairs to fall out.

For makeup removers and other skin products, be sure that your ingredients are gentle—and be physically gentle while using them around the eyes. Avoid scrubbing beads and parabens (psst, that’s another great reason why Mint & Needle never uses any products with parabens!) We recommend the Glycolic Cleanser and Age Defense Cleanser.

Finally, for lashes in particular, make sure not to rip off false lashes. Apply the glue remover and wait until it completely dissolves, then peel the lash away from the eye. That sting you feel when ripping them off at the end of a night is likely partly the result of ripping out your real lashes.

You’re on your way to gorgeous lashes and brows! Make sure to keep up your serum or conditioner use consistently, and avoid those habits like eye rubbing. We can’t wait to see you in store as your results come in!