Headed to the Beach? Don’t Take a Break from Your Skincare Routine

Headed on vacation? Whether you’re flying, driving, or hitchhiking (not recommended), you may be trying to pack light. We get it. No one wants to be that person — the one with multiple suitcases and extra carry-ons that weigh more than themselves. If you have to skimp, cut out that third pair of shoes. Or the blow dryer. Just don’t cut corners on your normal skincare products. 

The beach is supposed to bring all things beautiful: sunkissed skin. Toes in the sand. Wavy beach hair. But what you don’t see in everyone’s vacation photos are the drawbacks: At the beach, you’re completely exposed to the elements. And for many, these are elements your skin is not accustomed to. Wind. Salt. Sand. Blowing salt and wind. Harsh UV rays. 

Combine all these with layer upon layer of SPF, and by the end of day one, your skin is a mess. 


Both sun and salt can act as dehydrators to your skin. If you have some acne to clear up, you might actually be feeling pretty good at the end of your first few beach days. But after a week of constant exposure, your skin may be begging for relief.

vacation skincare checklist

Knowing how your skin might react to these beach elements will make your vacation a more pleasant experience. 

Tips to avoid dry, peeling, irritated beach skin:

Wash with a foaming cleanser.

Consider this before you leave for your trip: your normal cleanser might not do the trick. 

Diluted salt can be nearly impossible to remove from the skin with a non-foaming wash. Showering alone might make you feel clean, but traces of salt deposits may remain on your skin, absorbing your much-needed moisture. 

Mint & Needle offers a foaming cleanser that is gentle enough that it won’t further dry out your skin. 

Pack your favorite, gentle exfoliator.  

Since exfoliation isn’t a daily must-have, you might be keen to leave it at home. We highly recommend you bring it along, even if you have to scoop out some into a small travel sized container. When you have a thick layer of gritty sand and flaky salt caked into your sunscreen face, you’ll thank yourself!

Consider Mint & Needle’s Exfoliating Scrub, made to remove dead skin cells and debris (like that pesky salt and sand) from your skin’s surface.

Moisturize day and night.

Your mineral sunscreen isn’t a substitute for a medical grade moisturizer. Use your moisturizer daily after washing. If your skin is already feeling a little stressed and dry, you should consider adding a night moisturizer cream into your routine also. 

Mint & Needle’s Intense Hydrating Cream, which contains ceramides, is formulated to reduce irritation. Not only does it soothe your skin, reduce redness, and remove irritation, it also protects and hydrates the skin for long-lasting relief.

Stay hydrated.

Yes, this is a given. But when you’re flying, road-tripping, or spending a day on the water, far away from the luxury of indoor plumbing, you unconsciously drink less fluids. Throw a couple extra water bottles in your beach bag, and be creative with your healthy hydration choices throughout your vacation. 

Reapply your SPF.

Sunscreen not only helps prevent skin cancer, sun spots, and painful sunburns, but it also has a role in preventing premature skin aging. When you’re packing your preferred choice of SPF, be sure to throw in some SPF lip balm too. (Not sure which sunscreen is right for your skin? Check out M&N’s blog.). 

Most of all, enjoy your rest and relaxation! Stress wreaks havoc on your skin, so a much-deserved vacation is exactly what your body needs. If you struggle with dry skin after your trip, reach out to the Mint & Needle team, and we’d be happy to help.