Facial Rejuvenation with Plasma Skin Resurfacing

Everyone, regardless of age, wants youthful, radiant, glowing skin. We believe that the best kind of glow comes from within, but factors such as acne, stress, sun spots, wrinkles, and obesity take a toll on our skin. Sometimes we feel like doing a little bit of editing such as evening out a few patchy spots, erasing fine lines and enhancing the glow on our face. Most of us are in pursuit of natural and non-surgical ways of dealing with these factors and achieving flawless, younger-looking skin with a radiant complexion.

Facial rejuvenation continues to gain in popularity, attracting the most attention among women wanting to look revitalized and younger. There are countless skin treatment options ranging from medical-grade facials to more advanced treatments such as laser skin peels. Among one of the more popular treatments is the revolutionary Plasma Skin Resurfacing Treatment.


Plasma Skin Resurfacing is an in-office treatment that uses plasma energy to tighten and tone skin, revealing a rejuvenated, youthful glow. With this method, you get instant results without the need for surgery. Like similar treatments, Plasma Skin Resurfacing triggers a healing response both stimulating cell regeneration and production of collagen and elastin that works to smooth wrinkles and erase acne scars.

The procedure is non-ablative which means your skin heals quickly and you are able to return to normal activities and wear make-up seven days following the treatment.

The procedure is non-ablative which means your skin heals quickly and you are able to return to normal activities and wear make-up seven days following the treatment.


The procedure involves delivering Plasma (thermal) energy deep into your skin without disturbing the skin’s surface. The method creates perfect conditions within the lower layers of the skin and stimulates rejuvenation factors and natural growth. Old cells on the surface begins to shed to make room for the healthy ones as the new skin begins to develop. The procedure is non-ablative which means your skin heals quickly and you are able to return to normal activities and wear make-up seven days following the treatment. Plasma energy continues to work over the time beneath your skin surface, so you are able to see continued improvement up to a year after the treatment.


Plasma Pen Resurfacing

A non invasive skin lifting and tightening procedure that produces younger, radiant skin.



Plasma Skin Resurfacing is a “surgery-free” skin enhancement treatment that aims to reveal radiant, younger-looking skin instantly. It helps to fight the aging process by exfoliating old skin and eliminating wrinkles, sun spots, and discoloration. It is a non-ablative procedure and makes your skin heal rapidly. You return to routine and are able to wear makeup seven days after the treatment. The main goal of this method is to exfoliate and uncover new, healthier skin that is lying underneath and tighten minimally loose skin.

  • This method works best for women experiencing:

  • Age spots, mild wrinkles and fine lines

  • Moderate sun damage

  • Dull skin or minor scars due to acne

  • Moderate to minimal signs of loose skin

  • Crow’s feet around the eyes

  • Fine lines around the mouth area

  • Irregular pigmentation



1.     Avoid any kind of tanning for at least 2-4 weeks before your treatment. Ideally, try to use SPF50 to prepare your skin for treatment.

2.     Avoid any other type of skin procedure on the same area which you intend to have treated with Plasma Resurfacing, such as chemical peels, laser therapy, Botox, and fillers, as they may delay your treatment.

3.     Avoid surgical procedures like facelifts. In case you had or intend to have a surgical procedure being carried out on the same area, at least wait 9 months before/after Plasma Resurfacing treatment.


1.     It is normal to experience a stinging sensation in the treated area(s) after the treatment. It usually lasts for an hour.

2.     Apply ice packs covered with a clean cloth to any swelling. DO NOT apply ice directly on to the skin.

3.     If you have received the treatment on your face or neck, it is recommended you sleep on your back with your head elevated to reduce swelling.

4.     DO NOT cleanse the area(s) treated until the following day.

5.     DO NOT expose the treated area(s) to any steam, heat or sweat as this can intensify inflammation. DO NOT exercise or stand with your face under hot shower. Avoid sun exposure.

6.     DO NOT have any other skin treatments in the same area until your skin is fully healed

7.     DO NOT wax treated area(s) for at least 21 days.

8.     Avoid shaving the treated area until your skin is fully healed

9.     Avoid wearing contact lenses if you had an area around your eyes treated

10.  Avoid swimming as it can cause irritation

11.  Follow aftercare products and instructions provided to you by your technician.


Mint & Needle is thrilled to announce the introduction of this groundbreaking plasma technology to skin rejuvenation solutions. If you have any further questions about Plasma Skin Resurfacing or would like more information, please schedule a consultation here. Alternatively, you can fill out a contact form online or give us a call at 302-696-2484.


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