Does it matter which brand I inject into my face? (Botox vs. Xeomin)

So you finally decided you want to get Botox to either prevent or improve your fine lines and wrinkles. Kudos to you, gf! We know it's scary - but your friends at Mint & Needle will be here every step of the way. Think of our team as your BotoxBff. But now you are faced with the decision on choosing between Botox and Xeomin. First, let’s explain the difference between Botox and Xeomin so you can make an informed decision at your next beauty appointment. 

Many people think of Botox and Xeomin as the same because they are both injectable neurotoxins—botulinum toxin type A—however, they are different both in their manufacturing process and clinically. 

Just like the brand name Kleenex has become the common name for all facial tissue, Botox has become the common name for all neurotoxins. This doesn’t mean that other facial tissue products are inferior to Kleenex—obvi Kleenex would disagree.

Xeomin was later to market and for that reason they have an uphill battle to proving their value. Both products are effective at reducing and preventing fine lines and wrinkles through relaxing the targeted muscles. Both products are dosed similar and are temporary, lasting 3-5 months prior to return of nerve activity.

So how does Xeomin differ?

Well, Xeomin is a pure product with a single ingredient— botulinum toxin type A — so they eliminated the preservative protein which is in Botox. Botox on the other hand, is formulated with the active ingredient surrounded by proteins. With Xeomin being a more pure product you have less of a risk to developing a resistance to Xeomin than you do with Botox. Clients and clinicians all have their preference and many report a difference in the feeling between both.

At Mint & Needle, we use both products on our clients — and ourselves! In our opinion, Xeomin may feel more natural allowing some more expression and less FROZEN compared to Botox. We always recommend seeing for yourself which product you prefer and be open. Our clients all have their preferences and so live a little and see what works best for you!

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