Best Products for Skin in Seaside Air

Brandi Gregge sitting in her office using a computer.

We absolutely love being so close to the ocean at our Lewes, DE location: the sea birds, the beautiful views, and of course that ocean air. As with living in any climate—mountainous, tropical, and so on—living near the ocean comes with its own environmental effects on our skin. In particular, the wind that comes through a coastal area can cause skin to lose moisture, wrinkle faster, and overall lose its healthy glow if we’re not careful.

Whether you’re one of our Lewes patients or just a frequent traveler to beaches, use the best products for skin in seaside air to make sure your skin stays youthful, bright, and moisturized in seaside air:

Intense Hydrating Cream

When the breezes pick up in a coastal area, the combination of salt in the air and harshness of winds will cause skin to dry out quickly. Not only is this bad for maintaining collagen, elastin, and moisture—all the things that keep our skin firm and unwrinkled—it also makes the skin more prone to sun damage, uneven complexion, and other signs of premature aging.

The Intense Hydrating Cream is designed just for these kinds of windy days and weeks. Apply after serums or retinol, then allow it to sink in before applying any additional products (like sunscreen…which we’ll get to next!)

UV Defense

Our Hydrating UV Defense or Oil-Free UV Defense are must-haves for any environment, but especially coastal areas. You are typically exposed to more UV rays, partly because the sea winds blow your cloud cover away regularly. But even on cloudy days, we can never emphasize enough that you should always make sure to use sunscreen!

In choosing between the UV defense options: the hydrating version is great for those windy days we just mentioned, or for anyone with dry or sensitive skin. The oil-free option is ideal for anyone with oily or acne-prone skin. 

Youth Serum

We are a little bit obsessed with our Youth Serum, but it’s because it really does work magic. By using Mint & Needle’s Youth Serum, you can see a 15% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles in just two weeks, not to mention a 190% increase in elastin production in 11 days. Whereas the seaside air and harsh sun may be trying to add wrinkles and decrease elastin, Youth Serum will fight back and keep your skin firm, even, and glowing! Apply before the Intense Hydrating Cream but after cleansing for best results.

Age Defense Cleanser

Speaking of cleansing…similar to the benefits of the Youth Serum, our Age Defense Cleanser can make a huge difference in preventing premature aging of the skin. It exfoliates as it cleanses, revealing new, young, fresh-looking skin cells on the surface of the skin, but is gentle enough not to cause irritation or drying. It also provides antioxidant protection, which can again be important on those windy days when lots of free radicals are affecting the skin.

Put these all together, and you have your Mint & Needle Seaside Skincare Routine!

  1. Apply Age Defense Cleanser to your skin after wetting it with warm (not hot) water. Massage the cleanser into the skin gently, then rinse with water and pat dry.
  2. Use 4 to 5 drops of Youth Serum on the face and neck, avoiding the eyes. Wait a few moments to allow the serum to absorb.
  3. Apply Intense Hydrating Cream to all parts of the face, neck, and any other area that is dry or irritated. Allow to absorb fully into the skin, “sealing in” your serum.
  4. Use either Hydrating UV Defense or Oil-Free UV Defense, massaging into the face and neck, avoiding the eyes. Wait at least 30 minutes before heading out into the sun.
With these products and this routine behind you, your skin will be able to not only stay protected, healthy, and young-looking, but even thrive by the sea!