6 Essential Steps to Perfecting your Morning Face Routine

Hey you, wash your face! A little part of any clinician probably dies when we hear my clients tell me they use St. Ives scrub or a face wipe when starting their day. Your skin is a vital organ that needs love. The care you provide today is what you are going to see in the mirror in 10 years. Thats why we put together this step by step guide to your morning routine.

Morning facial routine —Always use medical grade products. Also, daytime skincare is all about protection from environmental damage and maintenance.


Wash — Wash your face and let the product sit on your skin for a couple minutes then rinse with cool water. Press a clean washcloth onto your skin to dry — do not rub. The reason you leave the product on is a good quality face wash should have ingredients that are beneficial to your skin, and you want to absorb them.

Toner — A good toner balances your skin’s PH and is hydrating — this is your first layer of protection.

Serum — This is the most crucial step so use a POTENT MEDICAL GRADE antioxidant. These protect your face from harmful free radicals throughout the day. Remember, to press the product into your skin, and you only need a little. Let the serum absorb, until your skin no longer feels sticky, before moving on to the next step. Also Vitamin C helps stimulate collagen, which we need because we are losing it on the daily. One of our favorites is the Mint & Needle™ Youth Serum.

Eye cream — Pat the product don't rub. The eye cream is essential for preventing fine lines and wrinkles. Start early, so you don't have to manage in the future. The skin under the eye requires a different type of product because we don’t really have oil glands and so we need to hydrate this delicate skin. We like the our eye cream.

Moisturizer — The type varies on your skin needs and season. In general, during the day avoid products with retinol or glycolic acid, unless directed by your clinician.

Sun protection — Never skip this step! Sun damage causes fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and skin cancer.


• Last tip: don't forget the hands, neck, and décolletage. Our fav neck product is NeoCutis.

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