6 Essential Steps to Perfecting Your Evening Skincare Routine


Do you get so tired at night and just fall asleep with your makeup on? We have all been there but I urge you to PLEASE stop that. It doesn’t matter how late it is or how many glasses of wine you’ve had, it is important to make sure to always WASH our face. So here is the routine that the team at Mint & Needle uses.

Nightly facial routine

Nighttime skincare is about treatment and addressing skin concerns during the regenerative sleeping process.



1. Makeup removal — You should avoid rubbing your face. Instead, use a cotton soaked pad pressing to the eye/face to dissolve and gently wipe away makeup. Wiping causes damage from friction. One of our favorite make up removers is from Farmacy.

2. Wash — Wash your face and let the product sit on your skin for a couple minutes, and rinse with cool water. Press a clean washcloth onto your skin to dry — do not rub. One of our favorite washes is the Mint & Needle™ Ultra-Calm Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

3. Toner — Helps balance the skin’s pH and prep for the products to come. Apply product by pressing it onto your face, not rubbing.

4. Serum/treatment — The most crucial step and potent product in your regimen. During the evening you want to focus on skin regeneration and hydration. This includes retinol and hyaluronic acid. However, your serum will be based on your skin concerns. A Mint & Needle™ favorite is retinol for its anti-aging effects. Try the Intensive Renewal Retinol 0.5% + CE Complex.

5. Eye cream — Pat the product don't rub.

6. Moisturizer — The type varies on your skin needs and season. Also, if you are doing aesthetic procedures your skin may be more sensitive and will require different products during that time.

If you use a night oil, you can use it instead of moisturizer or after. This helps with the overproduction of sebum— An oily substance our Sebaceous glands produce which can cause acne.

Last tip: don't forget the hands, neck, and décolletage. We are obsessed with Neocutis neck cream.


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