4 Ways Filler Can Augment the Face

Dermal fillers, meaning fillers under the skin, have many uses for the face. We primarily use them for 4 reasons. 

  1. The first is volume loss. As we age, we lose volume and hydration in our skin. This can primarily be seen in the lips and face, so to combat that we can inject dermal fillers into the area to bring back that lost volume and hydration. This will result in plumper lips and less lines to leave you with healthy and youthful looking skin.          
  2. Some dermal fillers act as a biostimulator, which means it stimulates your cells to produce collagen and that will give you a more rejuvenated and youthful appearance. This helps with acne scarring, crepey skin, and loose tissue.
  3. Another reason we inject fillers is for enhancement. Everyone has beautiful attributes to display but you may want to enhance those features. Filler can do just that! You may be happy with the shape of your lip, but want them a little plumper - filler will help you achieve the perfect pout! You may want a more contoured look - filler can achieve this! Filler can add dimension to your cheekbones or add a chiseled jaw look, instead of you brushing on bronzer every morning, filler can give you that sleek cheek contour.
  4. Facial asymmetry is a common problem that many face. What can help with that? You guessed it - filler! It can help with facial balancing by evening out facial features, such as cheeks, jawlines, and chins. 

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