3 Products for Hydrating Your Skin Type

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Hydration is critical to maintaining healthy skin, but not all hydrating ingredients are the same… Plus, not all skin types are equal!

Patients with oily skin will want to use different hydrating ingredients than those with dry skin. No matter what kind of skin type you have, there is a great hydration product for you.

Here we outline a few of our favorite products for hydrating oily skin, dry skin, or retinol-flaking skin.

Oily SkinHydratingSerum.jpg

Try a light weight hyaluronic acid (also a good option for those with acne), because it provides a light layer of moisture without adding too much product to the skin’s surface. A light weight option lessens the chance you’ll create even more oil buildup on your skin’s surface, which would leads to clogged pores...and breakouts!

Dry Skin


Try heavier hyaluronic acid-based products like in our HA Hydrator. When your skin is dry, it needs extra moisture to bring back the natural balance of hydration to keep skin from becoming red, itchy, or flaky.

Some products that contain ingredients like retinol or acids (like the common acne-fighter, salicylic acid) can also dry out the skin’s surface, so you may want to use a heavier hyaluronic acid-based hydrator on the days you’re using treating your skin with retinol to help lock moisture in.

Retinol-flaking or Super Dry SkinIntense_hydrating_cream2.jpg

While we get a little giddy for skin cell turnover, the flaking from retinol use isn’t always amazing. To help your skin recover, try a ceramide-based moisturizer like our Intense Hydrating Cream to soothe the skin’s surface with your hyaluronic acid.

In need of an extra hydration boost? Our Hydrating Pumpkin Mask is a great addition to your weekly skincare routine.